Why ArtfulSpot Exists

Updated: May 13

When searching the web there are so many great stores offering incredible wall art where you can choose a piece of art that feels right for you and works well within your space. There are stores specializing in canvas and framed prints as well as niche focuses on abstracts and portrait type prints. Many of these establishments have been around a long time and offer an immense variety of styles and sizes and will ship these lovely décor pieces to your home.

Over the years we have seen major innovations in art printing. Most of us have seen artwork printed on coffee mugs, sweatshirts, pillow cases, blankets, etc. For the most part however, we have not seen major changes take hold with the end user in the wall art space. Most artwork you see on a wall is still matted and framed or for a more unique look some will opt for the more modern canvas. When browsing ecommerce wall art shops, you will generally find this theme redundantly.

In comes ArtfulSpot

This is where the idea for ArtfulSpot came to life. Our go to market strategy is to curate a substantial collection of unique artwork from the best independent artists from around the world, print these masterpieces on a variety of eye popping mediums and offer them to you at an incredibly sensible value.

Why are we different?

We believe in giving you flexibility and options. Rather than the typical offering of 2 or 3 sizes and 1 or 2 print materials, we offer 3 to 10 sizes per piece as well as 5 to 7 print materials for you to choose from on almost every piece!

While we too, offer framed and canvas prints, our flagship products also include cutting edge print materials like acrylic, metal, wood and retro styled hanging canvas.

Additionally, many of our works of art offer you the opportunity to break one piece of art up into three separate prints that are displayed together to show the full image.

These unique centerpieces are called tri splits and are available in acrylic, metal, wood and canvas on most landscape oriented artworks. They really create a wow factor in your space.

To top in all off, our quality is great and our pricing is super competitive. Don’t take our word for it. Shop around And let us know if you find anyone doing it better. We know our success is hinged directly on our ability to satisfy our customers and that is our number one goal. So stick around for a while and find yourself a masterpiece that will wow your crowd.


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